Friday, 4 October 2013

Project 1: Modelling of an Architectural Design.

After weeks of learning AutoCAD and 3D-Max, it needed to be implied on the chosen house. House chosen for this project is Bemmel Residence.

AutoCAD floor plan.

Autocad file is imported to 3D-Max, floor plan is traced and extruded. This floor plan is used as reference.

After extrude result.

Using the line tool, the roof is drawn.

In Bemmel Residence, there are two floors. Two of the floors are aligned.

Ground floor, first floor and roof together.

Material sample is applied.

Result after material is applied.

Windows and door are identified.

By using the element Boolean, under compound objects, the gap for windows and doors are extracted.

Result after using the compound object, Boolean.

Final result, the front view.

Left view.

Right view.

Perspective view.

Top view.

Rendering process.

Final model using 3D-Max.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bemmel Residence.

Third week of class, required to choose a building to practice on Autodesk. The chosen building is Bemmel Residence.

 Bemmel Residence's floor plan.

Site plan of the house and the cross section.

Front view of the house.

Perspective view of the house.

Interior of the house.

Interior of the house.

Interior of the house.

Exterior of the house.

Not much pictures found, still hunting down for more for further reference.